According to the World Bank’ 2015 Doing Business Report, Morocco is ranked 71 out of 189 countries compared to 138th ranking in 2009. In order to improve the business climate of the country, Morocco has put in place a series of sector strategies aiming at developing export oriented economic sectors such as automobile, aeronautic, offshoring as well as attracting foreign investment. In 2014, the government has launched a new strategy “Acceleration Industrial Plan” which aims to create 500.000 jobs by 2020.

As part of foreign investment promotion efforts, Morocco has set up during the last decade a strong legal framework conducive to developing trade with its potential partners, through the conclusion of several free trade agreements either bilaterally or regionally. In addition, Morocco has ratified several international agreements relating to the guarantee and protection of investment.

The opening of Tanger-Med Mega port complex in 2007, which serves as a transshipment hub for international vessels and offer export-orientated free-trade zones, is another stepping stone to assist international companies expands their business to the rest of the world. The free trade zones are designed to attract investment to Morocco’s industries and services, and to create jobs.
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Since the entry into force of the FTA, US investments in Morocco have increased notably. There are more than 150 American companies in Morocco totalizing an investment of more than USD 2.2 billion which has generated 100 000 direct and indirect jobs in various sectors such as textiles, food processing, education and industries such as Offshoring, aeronautics, automotive, energy.